Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


Going out for the night and having a few drinks. Waking up to unfamiliar surroundings. Trying to recall how you got there and what it is that you may have done. You’re memory is hazy. No matter how much you try. You cant seem to see past the fogginess of your mind.

Then you realize, you may have drank too much. For the world you woke up in, is not the one you know. You find yourself surrounded by many others. Wishfully hoping that someone may remember something.This sense of helplessness and need to find answers is overwhelming.If you may relate to this, you may,..

Enjoy the Character builds. Although, may be slow at times. The water colors, signify the fluidity of the action scenes. The story arc is focused on beginners. That endless points of view and possibilities. The seamless never ending outcomes that may occur with the most simplest of decisions. An eagerness to see where the journey may lead you. How each situation effects each individual differently.


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