The story of a Swordsman during the Meiji era in early Japan. The coming of a new era and the changes that ensue.

Kenshin Himura is known to be the best swordsman at the time. A wandering Samurai that is looking for meaning in the change of sovereignty. Under the radar of his well known title battosai. A righteous avenger of the old ways. While embracing the possibility of the good in change. Holding on to his principals the best way can.

Action filled for the adventurer. Enough romance for the miss to watch w/ you.The sense of every action and its outcome, makes you wonder. Why not, just set your principals aside this one time? A goody two shoes that’s bad ass.

If new to anime, the movies are well made and do not drift too far from. Although, they will have you wanting to know how it all started.