Sword Art Online Original Scale


The story of we are as we choose to be. Unforseen circumstances that test our conviction. The unrelenting that dont give themselves up so freely. Holding on to the core values that all have. Understanding situations clearly but, finding the good in the bad. Standing for the cause even if it is frowned upon. Not backing down.Allowing the mentality, of giving in to something or persuaded from our dreams. Anything worthwhile is hard to come by. Only the best for the best do or die no settling. A great way to escape and build upon your imagination. Entrancing and transporting you to a place. So close to the heart and hoping it is your reality. Constantly improving and working towards your dreams. Doing what you can. Navigating all the moment to moment trials and tribulations. Uplifting and heartfelt emotions, In a spectacular whirlwind. Bombarding the senses and having the viewer rendering. Hooting and hollering (please do this surrounded by friends and family) at the screen and considered outlandish by the unknowing. People that have yet to experience SAO for themselves. At the end of every episode. Have you wanting more. No stop questions of what else may come. 

Antsy anticipation in a storm of possibility. Calming sense when hearing the intro to the next episode that has had you eagerly awaiting. So be warned. if you are well off and do not need an escape. Please turn a blind eye and walk away. Ask your closes friend if this may be right for you. if you are in need of an awe inspiring sense of possibility.

May cause a sudden outburst and loud reactions. Watery eyes and wet cheeks (not me, i swear). Be sure to consult with your best Geek if any other reactions may occur.


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